Impact Fashion is one of the leading sustainable fashion events in Los Angeles. This volunteer-run non-profit is now entering its fifth year. Impact Fashion offers a uniquely positive, solution-oriented approach to the many challenges in the fashion industry. This year features the annual fashion show alongside inspirational speakers and panelists, a curated, pop-up marketplace of artisan fashion, and mindfulness activities such as textile recycling. Impact Fashion hopes to bring together innovative companies and dedicated individuals to create a fashion industry that is safe for people, animals, and the planet.

This rebrand of Impact Fashion plays with values of structure and form. Stripping down to the core basics, I aimed to highlight type anatomy to mimic shapes of corsets and boning. This exploration of type promotes thinking beyond the final runway piece. How was it constructed? What materials were used? Who made the attire? In a more literal sense, I wanted to construct a transparent font that emphasizes the importance of brand transparency.