Four Branding Identity

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Design: Brand Identity
Year: 2021
Four is an experimental identity project focusing on the personality of enneagram type 4, The Individualist. Fours are known for their deep commitment to self-evolution and their tendency to constantly rebrand themselves. They are also highly self-aware and willing to confront their biggest insecurities head-on.

With these characteristics in mind, I incorporated a sarcastic tone to the brand by using phrases that go against the nature of a typical four. For example, the phrase "Don't get too stuck in the past" was used to playfully reference a four's tendency to dwell on the past. This concept was applied to a series of witty objects created for a monthly individualist subscription box.
But of course, it’s important to note that we would never force a four into a box ︎


Molly Lebermann (she/her) is a multi-dimensional designer currently based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She's passionate about creating conceptual and thought-provoking solutions across branding, identity, print, and digital media. When she’s not working, she enjoys exploring new trails, color-coordinating her Spotify playlists, and organizing her Pinterest boards. Molly is currently working as a Junior Designer at Jacobs & Co.

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