Form Senior Show

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Design: Brand Leader + Photographer
Year: 2021
Form is an identity for the University of Arkansas Graphic Design 2021 Senior Show. I developed this brand in collaboration with Annie Lefforge and Lane Kendall. Our design team worked collectively to create a theme we felt fit our class best. This brand intends to show what form our projects take, the form that binds us together as a community, as well as the form we will become as designers post-graduation. Form was applied to our projects in three ways, projects that inform, projects that reform, and projects that transform. Work represented on this page cover my design contributions to the show.


Molly Lebermann (she/her) is a multi-dimensional designer currently based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She's passionate about creating conceptual and thought-provoking solutions across branding, identity, print, and digital media. When she’s not working, she enjoys exploring new trails, color-coordinating her Spotify playlists, and organizing her Pinterest boards. Molly is currently working as a Junior Designer at Jacobs & Co.

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